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Lost Studios is the in process of building a state of the art film & photography studio in Kinsale, Co. Cork.


The studio will offer a 4-sided cyc wall with various lighting and styling options to capture the content you need in a controlled and flexible environment.


Take a look at what the studio will include below.


  • 3.5m x 3.7m Four-Sided Cyclorama

  • RGB LED Continuous Tube Lights with Remote Control

  • 3 Ceiling Mounted Continuous RGB LED Light Panels with Remote Control

  • Continuous LED Lights with Softbox & Eggcrates with Remote Control

  • Strobe Lighting

  • 4k Projector

  • C-Stands

  • Light Stands

  • Sandbags

  • Flags & Other Light Shapers

  • Black Stage Curtain Cloth

  • Security Cameras

  • Makeup Station

  • Dressing Area

  • Bathroom with Shower & Sink

  • Georgian Garden Area for Additional Use

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